Be strong, be serene!


As a beginner you will wear a white belt - the colour of innocence and purity.After a suitable timewhen you have a grasp of a set of.....


"I just wanted to sign on and say thank you to Sensai PK ASHARAF, all of the instructors and students at Falcon Karate Do ......"

Chief Instructor

4TH Dan black belt (karate)
2nd Dan black belt (Kubudo)

Welcome to Falcon Karate Academy

The Falcon Karate Academy was born in 1988 at Kuttiade , with the motto: Be strong, be serene!

In the Taluks of Badagara and Quilandy, where once only Kalari was popularly acknowledged as martial arts, Karate has been able to spread its roots. This just shows the huge success that Falcon Karate Academy has been here. The Japanese martial art of Karate was introduced here by this school of martial arts. This academy started with just seven students in an unoccupied strip of land. Yet, from this small starting, it has expanded beyond the boundaries of the Taluk, district, state and even that of the nation. Students from this academy have joined even the Indian army and the Kerala police. These are things that bring in feelings of deep contentment in our minds.

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